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CCTV Monitoring

Ensure Your Home Is Safe And Secure!

Ensuring the safety of your home is vital, not only to keep your possessions safe but your family inside your home. There are many ways to keep your home secure, take a look here to find out how you can do this today!

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CCTV Monitoring

Why Choose Our CCTV System Maintenance And Monitoring Services?

Modern security concerns are no laughing matter. As we have now fully entered into the digital age, property owners can enjoy more choices than ever before. Many of these techniques can be tailored around very specific requirements, so unparalleled levels of flexibility have become a reality.

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Buglar Alarms

Types of Burglar Alarm Systems

The diversity and range of alarm systems presently available can make selecting the best alarm system difficult. The information provided below is not a perfect guide; rather it will assist you to know the fundamental differences among the three types of alarm system available. A recent survey conducted on 281 burglar alarm installers in the United Kingdom gave a regular estimated price for a …

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CCTV Facts and Figures

CCTV Facts & Figures

CCTV cameras are generally used to reduce or prevent crime for at least one of the following reasons: Prevention - Whenever would-be thieves and burglars see the camera, they make a decision that a particular shop in question is too much of a threat and consequently not the right target. Prosecution - Shoplifters and thieves may be caught on the camera, and this can help to capture and …

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Fire Risk Assessment

What is a fire risk assessment?

Over the past 50 years, business and industrial activities have undergone major changes. As technological advances have led to the emergence of new materials and processes, we have witnessed an exponential increase in the number and applications, materials, products, chemicals, types of buildings and industrial sites, which affect the risk of people and effective business continuity. High-rise …

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CCTV Security Systems

CCTV security systems

CCTV security systems Here at D-Tect, we supply the best quality CCTV security systems, from design, supply, installation and servicing for all types of premises across Sussex from our base in Worthing. We specialise in both commercial and residential CCTV systems, providing an honest, reliable and trustworthy service for all clients, from the system owner to the system user. Our CCTV …

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