Installation and Maintenance of Fire and Security Systems across the South, Midlands and London

Fire Alarm Monitoring

For us here at D-TECT, simply selling a fire alarm system is just a small part of the process. Offering our clients full support for the lifetime of the product is where we are able to really shine. We work closely with many leading manufacturers of automated fire detection systems. Thanks to our many connections and years of experience, we can offer you a fully comprehensive maintenance program and offer the support you need, no matter how complex your system may be. This will ensure continuous product operability throughout the life cycle of the installation, whilst also helping to keep it working for as long as possible.

Fire Hose

CCTV System Installation

Our maintenance and monitoring programs are tailored to the requirements of each indvidual client, so you know you're getting the service that is right for you. Whether it be calling you, your staff or the fire brigade tailored packages will be built to your specific requirements, we are also able to offer inherent flexibility which will enable you to choose the approach and contract that best suits your needs.

Some of the many options available include:

- A Pay As You Go Service

- Labour Only Packages

- Fully Comprehensive Parts and Labour

CCTV Installation Systems

These reactive callouts can be dealt with on a four hour, same day, or twenty four hour basis depending on the type of contract you require. So, whether we installed your original system or not, if you are looking for a reliable service provider to take over the maintenance, give us a call at 01903 357000.