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CCTV Monitoring

Here at D-TECT we work closely with the UK’s largest remote monitoring service providers and are able to offer CCTV Remote Monitoring services, offering our clients complete peace of mind knowing that their properties - whether residential or commercial - are under a watchful eye 24/7.

As CCTV Technology has become more and more sophisticated and reliable over recent years, remote monitoring has become a viable alternative to on-site security personnel. Our consultants have worked closely with property owners and managing agents to reduce costs by eliminating the reliance we all previously had on costly manpower, instead favouring technology combined with remote monitoring and mobile patrolling systems.

CCTV Security Guards

Our sophisticated CCTV remote monitoring systems don't take breaks, don't fall asleep, don't take days off sick and most importantly, don't miss anything! In today's climate or increasing labour costs, technology provides the only logical alternative. The peace of mind from knowing your home or business is secure and under a watchful eye, 24/7, is priceless.

CCTV Monitoring

To find out more about our CCTV Remote Monitoring services, get in touch with a member of our team today at 01903 357000.