Installation and Maintenance of Fire and Security Systems across the South, Midlands and London

High Security Gates

Here at D-TECT our security gate installation service is one of one of the most effective ways of securing your property. Having a security gate at the entrance of your home or business not only prevents strangers from being able to enter and therefore prevent theft, but will also avoid pushy door knockers and salesmen from catching you unawares, what with not having to deal with them face to face.

Another fantastic feature of an electric security gate is that it ensures the security of your own family within your property, meaning your children can play securely without the worry of them getting out - or anybody else getting in.

Securiy Gate Installation

D-Tect Security Services

Our experienced team have fitted many gates in a wide variety of homes and businesses and will be able to advise you on exactly which gate will suit your needs best, alongside the design of the gate itself in order to best complement your property.

Our gates are all of an incredibly high quality and standard, designed to withstand the elements and last for many years. With many different features available, these security gates offer the security and peace of mind you’re looking for.

Fire Protection

To find out more about how our fire protection services could be of use to you, whether within your business or at home, give us a call today at 01903 357000.