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Card Access Control

Alongside our standard door access control systems, another additional product which can be offered - perfect for a large commercial property - is the use of smart card access control.

These smart card access control systems offer you the control you require, without the hassle of a lost key or having to continuously check who's coming in and out of a door. Instead, you will issue a key card to every member of staff, or anybody who's allowed access into certain areas. These can all be uniquely programmed to offer access only to those places you wish for them to go, to the people allowed to be there.

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The flexibility of this smart card access control system is also very useful, with the ability to program cards and limit access to selected times and days and also view reports of when users have entered different areas.

You'll never have to worry about somebody losing a key either, as if one is lost you can simply block the use of that card and have another reissued, without the worry that somebody has a key and the hassle of changing locks!

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This hassle free solution is suitable for a large amount of premises. To discuss whether these smart card access control systems could be the solution for your business, get in touch with a member of our team today at 01903 357000.